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5 Futuristic Technology predictions for Digital Marketing and eCommerce

I was fortunate to spend part of 2016 with Singularity University at NASA’s research centre in Silicon Valley. I was at the futuristic think tank along with 79 other technologists and entrepreneurs from across the globe on the global solutions program. Whilst I was there immersing myself in cutting edge technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, […]

Robots, AI and the future of your job — inspired at Singularity University, NASA

My time at Singularity University on this Summer’s global solutions program has taught me many things but one thing is for sure, sci-fi and reality are getting closer faster than we think. Take Matternet (a Singularity University company), who have just signed a commercial agreement with Mercedes to provide autonomous flying drones that will deliver […]

Notes from Nasa — my time at Singularity University

For the last three weeks, I have been at Singularity University at Nasa Research Centre, Silicon Valley. I was so honoured to be selected to this 10 week innovation program on a scholarship along with 79 other entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers from across the globe. First off about the program. We are all on […]